Wednesday, September 10, 2014

On The Lap With Matt... Oregon Sunstone

This is the latest Off The Dop Project.
 An Oregon Sunstone from Jim Allen, Sunstone Mine Owner of
who recently sent Matt at huge Sunstone that cut a large 13.67ct. stone. This stone measures 16.44mm round.
The stone is cut in a "Split Mains Brilliant" that makes this gemstone come alive!
A Sunstone is only found in Oregon, USA. The colors range from clear, straw, yellow, golden, green, pink, blue, and red, bi-colors and tri-colors.

Sunstone flashes white, yellow, straw & golden

Photo taken with Reval Bulb.

The shiller in the stone adds to the stones beauty.

Cuts and Polishes very well.

Mohs Hardness is 6.

Here you can really see the reflected patterns made by the shiller in the stone.
When cutting Sunstone, because of it's refractive index, a main pavilion angle of between 42* & 43* is required. Typically, the shiller, if any exists, should be oriented perpendicular to the table of the stone. Polishes very well with Cerium Oxide (I used a cerium oxide pol-a-gem lap).
I have enjoyed this project and thank Jim Allen for the opportunity to cut this large stone.

Bi-color Red & Green Sunstone

Red Sunstone in an Emerald Cut

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